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Yokai Tarot

Yokai Tarot

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Travel across the enchanted lands of ancient Japan and meet the traditional spirits known as y?kai-they will guide you along a magical, Tarot-themed journey!

According to the tales of Japanese folklore, spirit-like entities called yôkai inhabit the world. They live beneath the canopy of the forests, below the surface of the seas, or in the most secluded corners of our homes. They can be humanlike, beasts, or even objects; they can be mischievous or peaceful and protective. Each of these unique creatures has a great story to tell, a cautionary tale that conveys precious insights and values—much like Tarot’s traditional archetypes. The Yôkai Tarot sets you off on an adventure across the Japanese archipelago to meet these fascinating creatures: each Arcanum is an encounter with a yôkai that will help you along the path with its cunning and its millenary wisdom.

Imprint :
Lo Scarabeo
Publication Date :
Isbn :
Additional Biblio Data :
78 cards & booklet
Total Pages :
Dimensions :
70 x 120
Format :
Author :
Paolo Bertazzo , Marga Biazzi
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