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Wyrd Sisters: A Deck of Spells and Rituals - 60 cards & 80pp guidebook

Wyrd Sisters: A Deck of Spells and Rituals - 60 cards & 80pp guidebook

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A hand-illustrated oracle deck designed to connect you with your personal magic and guide you on the path to self-empowerment, from the creator of The Wanders' Tarot.

Wyrd Sisters is a sixty-card oracle deck and companion spell guide devoted to working with the webs of wyrd. Designed to inspire your own personal expressions of magic, this oracle deck prompts the use of spells, and candle magic, as well as specific magical tools, and the companion guide offers entry points into crafting your own rituals. Divination is the art of listening to the cosmos, and magic is the art of participating in the arc of cocreation.
The Wyrd Sisters invites us to take our divination practice further, through activating our desires in concert with the universe. The Wyrd Sisters are the ancient deities who dwell at the roots of the world tree and set the order of the cosmos through their spinning, weaving, and cutting of the cords. Their three-fold process affirms the cyclical nature of our being. We are constantly evolving; we shift phases with the moon. Ideal for witches looking for ways to engage deeply with their craft.

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    Weiser Books
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    60 cards & 80pp guidebook
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    89 x 127
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    Mixed media product
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