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WICCA STICKER BOOK More than 400 Magickal & Mystical Stickers

WICCA STICKER BOOK More than 400 Magickal & Mystical Stickers

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A stunning collection of beautiful vintage stickers on all subjects magickal and mystical - from crystals to cats, moons to mages, goddesses and more.

This sticker book features more than 400 beautiful and colourful Wiccan-themed artworks – both vintage and vintage-inspired. There are six categories of stickers – celestial sphere, mystical terra, witch’s toolkit, symbols and sabbats, familiars and other creatures, and holistic witchery – each introduced by a poetic thematic quote. The stickers are perfect for decorating everything from stationery to scrapbooks, and they can be used to embellish notebooks, planners, gift boxes, and laptops, or to create artistic collages. And, the book itself can be enjoyed on its own as a beautiful objet d’art.

Imprint :
Sterling Ethos
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Additional Biblio Data :
400 colour stickers
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152 x 203
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