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Voodoo Tarot Kit: Spirit Box

Voodoo Tarot Kit: Spirit Box

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Delve deep into the fascinating realm of Haitian culture with this special kit edition containing a Voodoo-themed Tarot deck and a detailed book.

Born into the New World as an offshoot and mix of ancient African indigenous beliefs and Abrahamic religions, Voodoo (also called Hoodoo) is a rich, multifaceted tradition that employs natural and supernatural elements to affect the human experience. In this new, incredible Tarot kit, Fabio Listrani delves into Voodoo practices with 78 fully illustrated cards, and a detailed, 160-page book in full colour to further investigate this fascinating tradition. The artworks are the product of a thorough investigation into historic pictures and reports of Haitian Voodoo culture, while the content of the book is the result of years of study and dedication by Fabio Listrani, pushed to pursue this project by an undying passion for the subject.

Imprint :
Lo Scarabeo
Publication Date :
Isbn :
Additional Biblio Data :
78 cards & 160pp guidebook
Total Pages :
Dimensions :
135 x 210
Format :
Mixed media product
Author :
Fabio Listrani
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