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The Way Seekers Tarot

The Way Seekers Tarot

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Way Seekers Tarot artfully pays homage to classic tarot traditions, including the simplicity of Marseilles and the rich symbolism of Smith-Waite. Powerful figures in the Majors and the Court cards take their inspiration from Greco-Roman mythology and offer bold new perspectives for the Way Seeker. Each hand-drawn illustration in this 78-card deck is enlivened with jewel tone color accents. The 60-page booklet offers tarot seekers profound guidance, with both traditional associations and applied interpretations for each card.

ISBN-13: 978-1646711864
Imprint: U.S. Games
Pub Date: 1 April 2024
Product Type: Cards
Page Count: 60 pages
Size: 7.62 x 3.81 x 11.94 cm
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