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The Stained Glass Tarot: An Illuminated Journey through the Cards

The Stained Glass Tarot: An Illuminated Journey through the Cards

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A tarot deck inspired by the intricate symbolism and colours of stained glass

Inspired by the intricate symbolism and colours of the stained glass windows of cathedrals and other sacred places, this tarot set features detailed original images on every card as well as an in-depth guidebook.
Created as a traditional 78-card tarot, this deck draws the reader into a meditative state as they contemplate the cards one by one or in a spread, gleaning insights from the mystical symbolism of the tarot archetypes and the stunning stained-glass-inspired artwork of the cards. The accompanying guidebook provides thorough meanings for each card of both Major and Minor Arcana, for their upright and reversed appearances, as well as exploring each card’s esoteric symbolism. For the 22 Major Arcana cards, the author also explains how each card fits into the progressive soul’s journey from The Fool to The World.
Owing to their importance in his own spiritual journey with the tarot, for the Minor Arcana the author provides detailed write-ups about each card, rather than simply providing keywords as many other tarot guides do. Addressing the most common concerns one might have when divining with the tarot, he describes a number of ways to interpret each card when it appears and how to decide which interpretation to favour over another based on the situation. He also includes instructions on how to use the cards, explains a variety of card spreads, and offers a glimpse into tarot history and its connections to astrology, numerology, alchemy, the Western esoteric tradition, and the teachings of Carl Jung.
This illuminating tarot set provides not only a highly detailed manual for using the cards but also mesmerizing images that draw the eye as well as calm and focus the mind for an authentic divinatory experience.


Imprint :
Destiny Books
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Additional Biblio Data :
78 cards & 336pp guidebook
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Dimensions :
152 x 229
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Mixed media product
Author :
James Edward



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