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The Secret Oracle of the Green Witch

The Secret Oracle of the Green Witch

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The Secret Oracle of the Green Witch guides you through an enchanted garden into the heart of the woods, where the green witch, the hedge witch and the kitchen witch reveal their special magic to you. The 50-card deck brings together the important herbs, tools, tales and inspiration you’ll need for your spell work. Many of the cards are dedicated to the plants, animals and natural elements used for charms, talismans and potions. The 65-page illustrated guidebook teaches us to recognize and listen to the voices in the woods, and to receive their messages through symbols and stories.


ISBN-13: 978-1646711482
Imprint: U.S. Games
Pub Date: 20 Sept. 2023
Product Type: Boxed Kit
Page Count: 65 pages
8.48 x 3.4 x 13.59 cm
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