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The Mary-el Tarot: Landscapes of the Abyss

The Mary-el Tarot: Landscapes of the Abyss

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In this new and revised second edition of the powerful alchemy of the soul, The Mary-El Tarot, revisit 78 magnificent Tarot cards, including 4 new and enchanting paintings and updated guidebook, Landscapes of the Abyss. With fresh keyword symbolism and traditional oil paintings in the classic style, enjoy a journey through the meaning of each card via the landscape of the Moon and High Priestess and enter the geometry of the temple and Tree of Life, Merkabah, and caduceus. Five spreads will help you find a doorway between heaven and Earth, microcosm and macrocosm, and the world of eternity and infinityaall leading to symbols and arrangements hidden within the language of art. This presentation is a rare and exquisite gem that will reflect the truth inside you. Suitable for all levels of Tarot experience.

ISBN-13: 978-0764357169
Imprint: Schiffer Publishing Ltd
Pub Date: 1 Aug. 2019
Product Type: Box set 
Page Count: 192 pages
Size: 22.86 x 5.08 x 15.24 cm
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