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The Jolanda Witch Tarot: The Healing Art of Magic

The Jolanda Witch Tarot: The Healing Art of Magic

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A deck and book set that blends Tarot, magic, shamanism, and indigenous storytelling.

Inviting you to experience the magical and empowering world of the tarot, this 78-card deck portrays both Major and Minor Arcana through colourful depictions of female archetypes, animal guides, and esoteric symbolism from witchcraft, alchemy, and shamanic healing traditions.

In the comprehensive guidebook, Rosie Björkman, known in Sweden as “Jolanda the Witch,” shares unique in-depth card interpretations that draw on spiritual and magical teachings from indigenous healers, shamans, witches, magicians, and wisdom teachers from all over the world, including Madame Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, and the Sweet Medicine healing tradition of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society. Björkman’s interpretations include direct and reversed meanings for each card, easy-to-remember keywords, and symbolic and healing stories to help you intuitively understand the wisdom of each card. She also includes new and unusual card spreads for readings and short practical exercises to help awaken your inner knowing and think about and relate to life in a magical way.

Illustrated by Hans Arnold, internationally known for his illustrations, especially of fairy tales, the playful card art allows you to instantly grasp the energetic meaning of the cards drawn and intuitively understand the issue at hand.

Offering a hands-on way to learn card divination and magic together, this set seamlessly blends tarot with witchcraft, shamanism, occult science, and indigenous storytelling to present a magical, spiritual path for awakening to your own inner wisdom.

ISBN-13: 979-8888500668
Imprint: Findhorn Press
Pub Date: 6 Jun. 2024
Product Type: Boxed Kit 
Page Count: 400 pages
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