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The Gentle Tarot Pocket Deck

The Gentle Tarot Pocket Deck

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This is the most luxurious little custom tin and pocket deck ever!

The PDF guidebook is available via the QR code provided behind the Surprise Sticker sheet inside the tin.

Fully decked with gilding to match the original Gentle Tarot First Edition and the only Gentle Tarot deck with gold stamping on the card backs. An incredible amount of love is in this pocket deck.

Birthed from the highly successful Kickstarter, this pocket deck is the most luxe Gentle Tarot offering available and very well may be the most extraordinary deck that Mari in the Sky will ever release. It comes in a custom-designed, first-time-ever-made tin box with a top sliding lid (No other tarot tin deck has been created with a slide on lid! If you know of one, I stand corrected, but I have yet to find another) with embossed accents, the cards are as high quality as the First Edition deck except that the pocket deck has a slightly thinner card stock of 300gsm, the matte gold edges match the full size deck, the card backs come with gold stamping (!!) and every tin comes with a very special limited edition sticker set. Instead of a paperback guidebook, the pocket tin comes with a pdf guidebook (also available here on this website once we begin shipping pocket decks). The Gentle Tarot Pocket Deck is an incredible labor of love. 

The pocket deck includes TWO Lovers cards, a human and non-human option. The human option is an updated gender-neutral version.

As always, a portion of proceeds are donated to environmental conservation and advocacy efforts. We are presently donating between 5-10%, the final amount is shared at the end of every year.

I hope you are as excited about this pocket deck as I am! 

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