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The Gentle Tarot Full-Size Guidebook

The Gentle Tarot Full-Size Guidebook

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This full-size guidebook consists of 336 color printed pages, in a flexibound cover with gold stamping on the cover and on the end pages (see video in description for a sample, final will have a bit more gold details than shown in this video). 

This new body of work includes new art and new chapters on connecting with your intuition, numerology basics, new spreads, a Closing Intention in addition to the original Opening Intention and every card description now has a mantra/affirmation, a full page of color artwork, Upright, Reversed, and Art Symbolism sections. 

The Gentle Tarot Full-Size Guidebook complements the Gentle Tarot deck experience, however it can also be used as a stand-alone with a bibliomancy practice (ex. flip and choose a page randomly for your readings). 

This book feels like an evolution in the Gentle Tarot with new words, imagery in the descriptions, and more tools for grounding and healing. Thank you for joining on this journey. The process of writing and creating this book has ever fueled my desire to finish our companion oracle deck (2023) to provide an even more complete experience. 

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