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The Folklore Oracle

The Folklore Oracle

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These beautifully illustrated cards feature famous characters, plants and animals from across UK and US folklore, from White Bison and Sasquatch (Big Foot) to Herne the Hunter, Sheela-na-gig and the Green Man.

This wonderful linocut-style card deck features characters and beings from the folklore of the UK and the US: 
· Creatures such as Mermaid, the Brownie, the Boogyman, Sasquatch, Black Shuck and the Jackalope.
· Divinities such as the Green Man, the Muse, the Banshee, Pan, Sheela-na-Gigh and Herne the Hunter.
· Trees such as Oak, Maple, Willow, Yew, Hazel and Redwood.
· Animals and birds such as Fox, Raven, Badger, Rattlesnake, Wolf and Eagle.
A booklet details a profile for each card, including three quality keywords, a story to bring the character or being to life, three divinations (each linked to one of the quality keywords) to show what the card means when it comes up in a reading, and suggested practices for working with character’s energy.
Use the deck as an oracle to answer questions, to fire up creativity, connect with nature, and enrich daily life with a sense of magic.

About the Author

Mike Bass grew up in a house with spirits and has always been fascinated by myths, folklore and the supernatural. He is a print maker, folklorist and storyteller who loves hearing a good tale as much as telling one. In his art, he combines ink and pencil drawings with printed textures to create minimally layered illustrations with rough lines and simple and opaque palettes that works well with the folkloric subjects.


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Watkins Publishing
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60 cards and 192pp guidebook
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101 x 140
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Mike Bass
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