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Tarot of Aphrodite 2nd Edition

Tarot of Aphrodite 2nd Edition

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Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty with origins in ancient Greece, is also associated with fertility and sexuality.

It's been suggested that her cult evolved from goddesses like Astarte (Phoenician), Ishtar (Mesopotamia), and Inanna (Sumerian).

In modern times, Aphrodite is seen as a powerful symbol of self-love and female empowerment.

The Tarot of Aphrodite, compared to a traditional tarot deck, features several renamed cards with similar meanings.

 For instance, The Fool is now called "The Birth", The High Priestess is known as "The Seer", and The Empress has been renamed "Aphrodite" (she is also represented by Venus in a traditional tarot deck). The Emperor is now called "Ares", representing both the sign of Aries and the warrior with whom Aphrodite was rumored to have an affair. The Wheel of Fortune is now known as "The Fates


Card and Box Specifications

Card Specification

The Tarot of Aphrodite features

  • A total of 78 cards 
  • CMYK Printing
  • 70 x 120mm
  • 350 gsm white core FINE ART paper (Best for art), very sturdy paper!
  • Matte UV Lamination like the last edition
  • Rose gold edges
  • Complete Guidebook with meanings as well as the names of the artists and paintings used in this deck

Box Specification 

  • 1200gsm cardboard + 157gsm art paper 2 sides
  • CMYK printing
  • Surface finish: glossy lamination (last edition was matte lamination, glossy gives more longevity)

This is a PRE ORDER Item. Delivery expected near the end of July, but hopefully sooner 

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