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Supernova Tarot Deck

Supernova Tarot Deck

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Stylish, edgy, exuberant, rebellious—all this, and much more, is the new SUPERNOVA TAROT by Federico Salis. His unique art with extravagant characters, pop references, sharp, connecting shapes, and a flamboyant colour palette manages to put a fresh, innovative twist on traditional Tarot structure. Both Major and Minor Arcana in this deck are illustrated according to heterogeneous themes and concepts, but retain a general sense of cohesion for aesthetic elements like fashion items, graphic design, and an underlying, eccentric atmosphere created by the peculiar characters and environments depicted in the cards. The result is a deck with a strong personality, filled with details that will certainly enrich your future readings with content and flair.

About the Author

Federico Salis has always been passionate about art, symbology, and esotericism. Starting from a fascination with the feminine, he has come to break down the stigma of toxic masculinity. Alice Mastroleo reads Tarot cards and teaches cartomancy. Her passion for symbols, the esoteric, and revealing what is hidden has driven her to embark on a journey in these fields.

ISBN-13: 978-0738778693
Imprint: Lo scarabeo 
Pub Date: 8 May 2024
Product Type: Cards
Page Count: 128 pages
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