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Royal Animals Tarot

Royal Animals Tarot

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Delightful, bizarre, and yet incredibly elegant: Severino Baraldi reinvents the Renaissance style of the Visconti-Sforza deck with animal-shaped figures!

Taking inspiration from the immortal style of the Italian Renaissance, Severino Baraldi gives birth to the whimsical and unique Royal Animals Tarot.

This artistic deck, although reminiscent of the Visconti-Sforza tradition, includes fully illustrated Minor Arcana to add visual substance to the readings.

 The beast-headed nobility depicted in the cards gives an alternative twist to a timeless piece of Tarot iconography, offering an original reading solution that allows the querent to alternate between classic and traditional references to more unusual and unique elements. As the last and final work of the great Severino Baraldi, this Tarot deck stands as a testament to his incredible talent and personality.

Imprint :
Lo Scarabeo
Publication Date :
Isbn :
Additional Biblio Data :
78 cards & booklet
Total Pages :
Dimensions :
65 x 118
Format :
Author :
Muire Fitzrandolph , Severino Baraldi


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