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Ravyness Drakon Tarot

Ravyness Drakon Tarot

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Sometimes people walk into our lives. Sometimes they fly in upon a dragon's wing. This is the love story of an unlikely pair, a raven and a dragon, with their own lives and their own goals, who are drawn back to each other time and again. Through the ups and downs experienced by any pair from very different worlds, their story proves that any creature--anyone--can move through rough times to achieve life goals and to love both themselves and others. This fantastical deck of 78 cards beautifully illustrates how awareness of both the light and dark components of the self and how they affect our life can empower one to make a plan to improve and to grow. Follow Ravyness and Drakon through their Tarot journey, as they reflect and give that gentle, supportive nudge to one another to become their higher selves. The context and story line easily connect to the human experience, encouraging growth within relationships as well as personal growth. Inspired by the creator's work as a teacher and her part in a nationwide movement to show high school students how to make healthy choices for their future.

ISBN-13: 978-0764362392
Imprint: REDFeather
Pub Date: 19 Dec. 2021
Product Type: Box Set 
Page Count: 128 pages
Size: 5.72 x 5.72 x 15.24 cm
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