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Penumbra Tarot Deck - A Tarot Deck for the Liminal Space

Penumbra Tarot Deck - A Tarot Deck for the Liminal Space

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Unlock the secrets of the celestials, elementals, and magical beings with the Penumbra Tarot. This enchanting deck of 78 arcana guides you through the liminal spaces of life, providing clear insights and answers for your deepest questions.

Embrace the Journey with the Major Arcana

The Penumbra Tarot's major arcana follows the familiar path of The Fool, representing profound spiritual archetypes that offer wisdom beyond everyday concerns, addressing life’s most significant questions.

78 Stunning, Diverse, and Inclusive Tarot Cards

Celebrate diversity with this fantastical Tarot deck, featuring beautifully created artwork that includes a variety of ethnicities and body shapes.

Premium Quality for a Superior Experience

- **Easy-to-Shuffle Sturdy Card Stock**: Crafted from 350gsm card stock with a smooth matte UV coating, these cards are a joy to touch and shuffle.
- **Fire Gold Gilded Edges and Stamped Card Back**: The radiant gold edging and elegant card back stamp add a touch of luxury to your readings.

Comprehensive Full-Color Guidebook

Dive deep into the mystical world of Penumbra with the 340-page guidebook, featuring:
- An elemental Tarot deck blessing
- Engaging Tarot activities
- Four insightful Tarot spreads
- Traditional upright and reverse meanings by Ethony
- Channeled meanings, artist notes, and a song by Eris Elizabeth

Elegant Clamshell Keepsake Box

Protect your deck and guidebook with the exquisite magnetic flip box, finished with satin matte lamination for a touch of sophistication.

Experience the magic of the Penumbra Tarot and transform your readings with this beautifully designed, high-quality deck. Perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful gift for the Tarot lover in your life.

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