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Oracle of the Hekatean Path: 61 full colour cards & 128pp guidebook

Oracle of the Hekatean Path: 61 full colour cards & 128pp guidebook

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Paganism and esotericism combine to perfection in the cards of this new oracular deck dedicated to the legendary goddess Hecate.

From the dark depths of night emerges a unique oracular deck, based entirely on the figure of Hecate, She Who Holds the Keys of the Cosmos. Worshipped under the name of Zea in ancient Athens, this deity has taken on as many forms and titles as the domains she holds: she holds the realm of the liminal, the realm of crossroads, magic, night and the moon. As the Lady of Darkness, Hecate has long been the subject of misunderstandings, being wrongly associated with hostile powers. With this new Oracle, Chris Butler and Kenn Payne confront and correct this prejudice, restoring Hecate to her former glory, and thus revealing the true nature of one of the oldest, most powerful and fascinating goddesses of ancient pagan tradition.

About the Author

The Artist: Chris Butler – A master of the Tarot card design. Lo Scarabeo has published several of his decks, including: Quantum Tarot 2.0 in 2010, Healing Light Tarot and Healing Light Lenormand Oracle. The Author: Kenn Payne – Passionate about the myths and legends of antiquity from an early age. Growing up, he developed a deep interest and skill in reading the Tarot and other divination methods.

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Lo Scarabeo
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61 full colour cards & 128pp guidebook
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88 x 125
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Kenn Payne , Christopher Butler
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