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Once Upon a Time Tarot

Once Upon a Time Tarot

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The places and characters from the most famous fairy tales in history become the Arcana of this new Tarot deck suitable for all ages!

Once upon a time there was a deck full of magic and wonders, with cards populated by witches, knights and fairy creatures. Once upon a time, there was a deck in which each card was a window on a different world, a glimpse into enchanted realms permeated by the atmosphere of times gone by. Once upon a time… and it is still there today, thanks to Once Upon a Time Tarot! Ilaria Fossi’s soft and delicate style transforms the archetypes of the traditional Tarot into marvellous illustrations based on the most important fairy tales of history, taking the reader on a fairy-tale and nostalgic journey to a land far, far away. Carole-Anne Eschenazi’s texts are the magic formula needed to open the secret passage to this universe of unforgettable stories and characters, capable of uniting different generations under the banner of the tenderest childhood memories.

About the Author

The Artist: Ilaria Fossi – Born and raised in Tuscany, commuting between Prato and Florence, she studied drawing and painting influenced by the artistic tradition of the region. She has always been passionate about fairy tales. The Author: Carole-Anne Eschenazi – She studied literature and graduated from a film school in Paris. She is a French writer and an expert on Tarot, former author of 'CaTTarot' and the 'De La Nuit' trilogy.


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Lo Scarabeo
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78 full colour cards & 128pp guidebook
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66 x 120
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Carole-Anne Eschenazi , Ilaria Fossi
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