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Messages From Heaven

In the realm of dreams, the boundaries of time are unclear, the hidden becomes seen, and desires can be welcomed into reality. Here, feathers of fate meld with medieval imagery, and profound insight unfolds in an elegant tapestry of self-reflection and divination. With layers of symbolism and nuance that pay homage to their antique predecessors, this exquisite set is a rich portal into understanding the intricacies of the major and minor arcana.
With bonus cards and upright and reverse meanings to guide you through the mysteries of the past, the potentials of the present, and a clear vision of the future.

About the Author

Jay R. Rivera is a Spanish-American author, empath, medium, and tarot reader who lives in Texas, USA. His first break came after his award-winning and best-selling debut publication, Beautiful Creatures Tarot, which garnered him international acclaim. Jay R. graduated from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. He majored in interpersonal and intercultural communications and minored in French and Spanish language studies, specializing in language translations. Jay R. enjoys studying and learning new languages, writing short fiction stories, performing shadow work tarot/oracle readings, and advocating for animal welfare and women's and LGBTQI+ rights. Cuban-based artist Alejandro R. Rozán's work mainly revolves around the arcane mysticism of the tarot universe. Alejandro employs a variety of different techniques, including the combination of watercolours along with gouache, pencil, pen drawing, and digital drawing, among which his imitation of stained-glass art stands out the most. Currently, Alejandro is working on a few tarot decks as both the illustrator and concept co-creator. Follow Alejandro on Instagram @alejandrorodriguezrozan and Facebook (Alejandro R Rozán) to see updates and more information about his work.


Imprint :
Blue Angel Publishing
Publication Date :
Isbn :
Additional Biblio Data :
80 cards & 232pp guidebook
Total Pages :
Dimensions :
125 x 170
Format :
Mixed media product
Author :
Jay R. Rivera , Alejandro R. Rozán

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