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Lisboa Tarot: Tarot through the Streets of Lisbon

Lisboa Tarot: Tarot through the Streets of Lisbon

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Take a journey through old-world Lisbon, Portugal to better understand the present and future! Readers are transported to the magical streets of Lisbon, Portugal in a trip of self-discovery. The Lisboa Tarot opens new pathways with the energies and memories that were carved into stone and cast into metal so many years ago, awaiting to be heard again. A simple shuffle of the cards and the wisdom of sentinel statues and vibrant places comes pouring forth from the post-impressionist style images of the cards. Beautifully hand drawn illustrations will encourage readings and meditation by reflecting an old world European city from direct life observation as it relates to everyday experience. Travel through the wisdom of past to discover your own spiritual journey; Offers stunning illustrations inspiring the readers to connect deeper to find their own path; Instill an awareness of the self, the strength, and confidence that comes with personal recognition of our own power in this world. Within the accompanying guidebook are further insights and reflections that resonate from a place of lived experience to provide inspiration which will guide and nourish the soul. Allow the lessons of the past to inform present situations and provide a positive influence on the future.

ISBN-13: 978-0764366987
Imprint: Schiffer Publishing 
Pub Date: 28 Nov. 2023
Product Type: Boxed Kit
Page Count: 128 pages
Size: 8.59 x 4.45 x 13.34 cm
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