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Into the Lonely Woods Journal: A Journal of Blessings and Solitude

Into the Lonely Woods Journal: A Journal of Blessings and Solitude

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This deluxe softcover journal includes healing associations, guidance, and 44 full-colour images to connect with polychromatic living for harmony, empowerment and joy.

“Treasure your solitude. Become intimate with being in the presence of your unique, shining essence, with being alone.”

As sure as sunrise, as inevitable as sunset, we all go through times when we feel very alone. When you feel isolated, The Lonely Woods welcomes you with comfort, inspiration, and peaceful places where you can breathe its tender wisdom and lay down your reflections, longings and dreams. Be enriched by solitude as you heal, grow and meander your way to a deep, nourishing relationship with the Divine within.
This deluxe journal features premium paper, lined and unlined journal pages, 44 full-colour artworks by Dan May, and gentle inspiration from Lucy Cavendish. Here is a journey space where you can explore your inner wilderness and experience the sanctity of solitude. So, lonely traveller, come into The Lonely Woods and encounter your beautiful, authentic self in every page.

220-page deluxe journal
Matte softcover with flaps

About the Author

Lucy Cavendish is a Witch and writer whose works are loved and trusted worldwide. She experienced extra-sensory abilities as a child. With no answers from school or mainstream religion, Lucy set out on a personal quest to understand and develop her gifts. Today she is an exciting, enchanting voice of inspiration noted for her knowledge of sacred rites and sites, magickal history, witchcraft, folklore, alternative spiritual practices and intuitive traditions. Dan May achieved a BFA at Syracuse University and immediately pursued his artistic interests. May weaves a rich texture of the surreal and mysterious into his highly original flowing style. His detail-intensive works have become widely recognised for their dreamlike ability to transcend the natural states of space and time. His global exhibits include the 2013 show, Suggestivism at the Acquario Romano in Rome.

Imprint :
Blue Angel Publishing
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44 full col ills
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Dimensions :
180 x 235
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Paperback / softback
Author :
Lucy Cavendish , Dan May

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