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Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth

Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth

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Designed for beginning as well as experienced tarot readers, Holistic Tarot offers a fresh and easy-to-follow approach to the use of the tarot deck for tapping into subconscious knowledge and creativity. The tarot deck has been used as a divination tool for more than two centuries; while the tarot is still most commonly thought of as "fortune telling," the true power of the tarot lies in its ability to channel a clear path for our deep intuition to shine through. Consulting the tarot can help clear creativity blockages, clarify ambitions, work through complex decisions, and make sense of emotions and relationships. Whether used for simple decision-making or an understanding of your life's purpose, learning tarot can be an indispensible tool for being more mindful of the factors that can assist or weaken your efforts toward success.

Holistic Tarot, author Benebell Wen provides a complete guide to using the tarot to foster personal development. Wen gives a comprehensive overview of the history of the tarot and a wide array of theories on its use (including its relationship to Jungian archetypal psychology and traditional Chinese divination practices) before digging deeply into one of the best-known tarot systems, the Rider-Waite-Smith. Beginners will find a complete guide to working with the tarot, including choosing and caring for a deck, how best to learn and remember the attributes of the major and minor arcana, the interpretation of cards and spreads, the role of meditation in a tarot practice, and how to use the tarot for improving relationships, professional development, and personal resilience. More advanced practitioners will appreciate nuanced theoretical discussions of the tarot as well as practical advice about reading others' tarot cards and setting up a practice. Containing over 500 illustrations and detailed information on each card as well as numerous spreads, Holistic Tarot is a complete compendium of tarot study that every practitioner should have in his or her library.

A modern alchemical achievement. Barbara Moore, author of Tarot Spreads 

Will become one of the jewels in the crown of tarot literature. Anthony Louis, MD, author of 
Tarot Beyond the Basics 

A tarot classic. Sasha Graham, author of 
Tarot Diva

A magnificent, intelligent, comprehensive overview and innerview of the Rider Waite Smith system of tarot! This is the only guide you need to have. Bravo! James Wanless, PhD, author of 
Voyager Tarot

A huge accomplishment ... likely to become 
the essential guidebook for serious students of the tarot. Joan Bunning, author of Learning the Tarot

No tarot enthusiast should be without this book! Chic and Tabatha Cicero, authors of 
The Golden Dawn Magical Tarot

Arguably the most comprehensive guide to tarot on the market today. It's also innovative: it deftly combines Eastern mysticism with Western metaphysics. It's an impressive tome that presents a wholly modern, rational approach to tarot practice while preserving notable elements of tradition." Corrine Kenner, author of 
Tarot and Astrology

ISBN-13: 978-1583948354
Imprint: North Atlantic Books,U.S.
Pub Date: 11 Feb. 2015
Product Type: Paperback
Page Count: 624 pages
Size: 15.42 x 4.78 x 22.94 cm
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