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Great Goddess Oracle: 42 cards & 168pp guidebook

Great Goddess Oracle: 42 cards & 168pp guidebook

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Profound and transformative, diverse and empowering, the many faces of the Great Goddess have nurtured and guided our souls across lifetimes. This inspiring new oracle from Lucy Cavendish and Jake Baddeley will draw the manifold Maiden, Mother, and Crone closer, rekindling the eternal light of the sacred feminine within you. With every card, you will receive loving guidance, enduring strength and timeless wisdom.

Weave and reweave your fate with The Norns, rise in blessed rebellion with Blodeuwedd, drink from Cerridwen's cauldron, and journey safely through darkness with Persephone. With rich, authentic symbology and deep, compassionate messages, this oracle is your way to experience the Great Goddess, reclaim her power, and choose a life defined not by challenge but by illumination and unshakeable spiritual presence. The Great Goddess is the eternal dance separating and harmonising the forces of chaos and order within the cosmos. Be moved by Her wonder, be guided by Her prophecy. Speak her invocations, receive her blessings, and walk the true path of your beautiful soul.

Deluxe Set with gold foil embellishments on top & bottom box, guidebook cover and card fronts & backs

ISBN-13: 978-1922573995
Imprint: Blue Angel Gallery
Pub Date: 25 May 2024
Product Type: Boxed Kit 
Page Count: 168 pages
Size: 3 x 12.5 x 17 cm
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