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Oneness emporium



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This Tarot brings together the incredible power of the Divine Feminine and the earthly wisdom of Mother Nature to form a bond as strong and primal as the world itself. Female intuition is nurtured and cultivated to remind us of its deep-rooted, intrinsic connection to Earth. The faceless figures facilitate the reader’s immersion into the realm of the Earth Woman, allowing anyone to interpret the cards without restrictions and see their own feelings reflected into the artwork, without the distraction of pre-determined emotions and vibes emanating from the Arcana. The result is a deck buzzing with vital energies, a wonderful celebration of the beautiful corner of the universe in which we live and thrive—the planet we call home.

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About the Author

Tarn Ellis is an intuitive artist and writer known for her faceless style which she developed with the intention of allowing viewers to see them- selves reflected back when looking at her work. In this way, she represents women from all over the world. Tarn's work is interwoven with spirituality, nature and the divine feminine. Loosely based in the UK, she lives a nomadic life, travelling slowly and taking inspiration from the natural world around her.

ISBN-13: 978-8865279304
Imprint: Lo Scarabeo
Pub Date: 25 May 2024
Product Type: Cards
Page Count: 128 pages
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