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Creatures of the Night Mini Deck

Creatures of the Night Mini Deck

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Pocket Deck - Creatures of the Night Oracle with PDF Guidebook - Monster Oracle, Samhain Oracle, Shadow Deck, Creatures, Indie Deck

This listing is for our pocket-sized travel deck. It does not come with a guidebook, you are welcome to purchase the 156 page full-colored guidebook separately in this store.

This is our pocket edition - measuring 2 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall with a borderless design. This edition does not have the foil and edging like the larger collectors edition, and it comes in just a regular tuck box with thinner paper.

About Creatures of The Night:

55 Creatures of shadow and light and everything in between provide guidance and foresight through their distinct emotions and personalities.

Each one of our extremely talented artists is listed on this page, and we encourage you to check out more of their work! We hire only the very best illustrators that create each card from scratch. No AI is allowed in our projects.


If you are not familiar with the 78 Tarot Project - we are a group of artists that collaboratively produce a LIMITED EDITION crowd funded deck every year by creating just one card apiece. We choose a theme every year, and choose artists to join our annual project.

The artists in our project range from legendary Tarot and Fantasy artists, to incredible artists just starting out in their careers. The wide variety of talent orchestrates a deck filled with energy and vibrancy that interprets the Tarot from their own experiences and view points. Our decks are chock full of international cultures and styles and they are a masterpiece to hold.

As a deck collector myself, I am a complete card stock snob and have searched high and wide for the printer we use, and I assure you - the quality of our decks are superb quality that will last a long time no matter how many times they are used.

Creatures of the Night Oracle Artists:

Creatures A - E

1. ALIEN: Hope Doe | 2. AUTOMATON: Alexander Gustafson | 3. BAT: Deana Gore | 4. BEWITCHED CAULDRON: Sheryl Abid | 5. BLACK CAT: Ambi Sun | 6. BLOB: Eric Lofgren | 7. CARNIVOROUS PLANT: Lauren Brown | 8. CHARMED TEA: Selina Fenech | 9. CLOWN: Julia Griffin | 10. CURSED CAROUSEL: Dianita Ceron | 11. DEATH'S HEAD MOTH: Jayde Hilliard | 12. DEMON: Jabari Weathers - needs extension | 13. ELDRITCH HORROR: Matthew Warlick | 14. ENCHANTED GRIMOIRE: Heather Hudson | 15. ENCHANTED LAMP: Rachel Quinlan | 16. EYEBALL: Chris Malidore

Creatures F - O

17. FAE: Iris Compiet | 18. GARGOYLE: Matthew Warlick | 19 GHOST: Marlon Teunissen | 20. GHOUL: Dennis Darmody | 21. GOBLIN: Tiffany England | 22. HAG: Jeff Kristian | 23. HAUNTED CLOCK: Mike Zairos Pifanos | 24. HAUNTED HOUSE: Joanna Barnum | 25. IMP: Stephanie Smith | 26. INVISIBLE ONE: Florian Stitz | 27. MAD SCIENTIST: Delphine Malidore | 28. MONSTROUS HAND: JD Donnelly | 29. MOON SPIRIT: John Barlow | 30. MUMMY: Kristina Gehrmann | 31. NIGHTMARE: Cynthia Conner | 32. OMINOUS TREE: Amelia Leonards

Creatures O - T

33. ONRYO: Nadia Rausa | 34. OWL: Anita Inverarity | 35. PUPPET: Annette Hassell | 36. RAT: Ash Evans | 37. RAVEN: Lisa Svingos | 38. SHADOW: Chris Malidore | 39. SKELETON: Adam Schmidt | 40. SNAKE: Alexandria Hayes | 41. SORCERER: Dion Harris | 42. SPECTRAL KNIGHT: Ana Neves | 43. SPIDER: JD Donnelly | 44. STICHED DOLL: Mathew Kaminski | 45. SWARM OF LIGHT: Jeff Kristian | 46. TALKING SKULL: Matthew Warlick | 47. THE REAPER: Michael Calandra | 48. TOAD: Corina St Martin

Creatures T - Z

49. VAMPIRE: Jennifer Hrabota Lesser | 50. WEREWOLF: John Tedrick | 51. WILL'O THE WISP: Holly Morningstar | 52. WITCH - MAIDEN: Rebecca Sinz | 53. WITCH - MATRON: Sue Rundle-Hughes | 54. WITCH - CRONE: Toni Taylor | 55. ZOMBIE: Stefania Russo

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