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Weiser Books and Theresa Reed ("The Tarot Lady") have teamed up to create a beautiful journal that contains everything you need to record your tarot journey.

THE WEISER TAROT JOURNAL is a portable workbook, with rounded corners and a “lay-flat” binding that makes journaling easy. It includes 24 sets of bound-in peel-off stickers of The Weiser Tarot images and 208 blank journal pages for you to record your own tarot readings.
Theresa Reed (“The Tarot Lady”) provides an introduction that shows readers how to use the journal to get to know the cards more deeply as well as instruction and inspiration for working with several types of spreads such as 1 to 4 card spreads, the Celtic Cross Spread, the Ankh Spread, Horseshoe Spread, and Astrological Spread.

· Includes 208 pages for tarot journaling and 24 full sets of full-color tarot card stickers to record your readings
· 1,920 stickers in all — 1,872 tarot card images and 48 elemental card images
· Offers just the right balance of instruction, inspiration, and advice on spreads to start you on your journey
· Beautifully produced with rounded corners, lay-flat sewn biding, and ribbon marker
· Tarot stickers are based on the Weiser Tarot deck
· Matte lam, gold foil stamping

Imprint :
Weiser Books
Publication Date :
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Additional Biblio Data :
24 sheets of colour Weiser Tarot stickers (24 full decks)
Total Pages :
Dimensions :
165 x 203
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Author :
Theresa Reed
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