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A blind girl named Anima lands on a mysterious island overlooked by a giant oak tree. She cannot see the incredible creatures that dwell there, but she perceives the magic that permeates this enchanted realm. To Anima, each Arcanum is a step in a path toward the discovery of a different perspective, and she will be helped on this road by the wild and magical inhabitants of this incredible realm under the tree—where will these paths lead? What will Anima find out at the end? Real and unreal mix in the fascinating adventure recounted by the cards of this narrative Tarot deck. Along the journey, we too have a chance to discover a new side of ourselves, and develop a different way to look at things.

About the Author

Jessica Di Fraia, known online as Stregadellemele, is a writer, passionate about the medicinal and esoteric use of plants. Her knowledge of the botanic world and related products are available on her website. Elena Bia, aka Ofride, is an artist and cartoonist. She has illustrated many children's books with Italian and foreign publishers. She teaches illustration and digital colouring, and she is passionate about folk tales and summer.


ISBN-13: 978-8865279366
Imprint: Lo scarabeo 
Pub Date: 25 May 2024
Product Type: Cards
Page Count: 128 pages
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