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Soul Mirror Journal: See Yourself

Soul Mirror Journal: See Yourself

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Healing Through Divine Reflection.

Self-reflection is an active, ongoing and profound journey to the far reaches of your being. Within its light, you are launched into the understanding that we are all divine, all creators and all connected. Embark on your journalling odyssey as an homage to healing, truth and wholeness. With lined and unlined pages to encourage free expression, this is a unique space of personal recovery and discovery. The gentle wisdom and soulful imagery will guide, nurture and inspire as you untangle the past, embrace your shadows and welcome exquisite revelation.
Every inner knot you unravel is an opportunity to reweave the shining threads of your most authentic, ever-evolving self. And within every treasured moment of this process, you elevate your tremendous ability to co-create your reality.

About the Author

Sunshine Connelly spent her first five years in rural Philippines surrounded by nature, stories of other realms, and tales of her great-grandfather, the village witch doctor. Due to her lineage, she has always had a deep awareness of other dimensions, often channelling and connecting with otherworldly beings. Now based in the high country of Victoria, Australia, Sunshine shares her visions and philosophies in the hope they will help to raise awareness and the evolution of our collective consciousness. Ana Novaes, also known as Ltg.Art, is based in São Paulo, Brazil. A professional creator since 2015, she uses a mix of techniques including ink, watercolour, gouache, muralism and digital illustration to delve into ancestral myths and stories revealing refreshing perspectives on the feminine. Her raw, soulful aesthetic delivers magic, presence and the melancholy power of sensation and possibility. Ana's work has been published around the world with Disney, HarperCollins, and more


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Blue Angel Publishing
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44 full colour illustrations with lined and unlined journalling pages, matte softcover with flaps and gold foil embelishments
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180 x 235
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Sunshine Connelly , Ana Novaes
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