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Bring these faithfully created line drawings to life

Journey into lands, strange and familiar, as Jasmine Becket-Griffith joins Alice on her adventures down the rabbit hole in 55 scenes of big-eyed wonder. Bring your own colour to the pool of tears, the Madhatter’s infamous tea party, the frog footman and some looking-glass insects. Paint the roses red or invite the wrath of the Red Queen by making them blue or yellow or lilac or every shade you like!

Alice, also, ventures beyond the looking glass and into art history where she tackles Bosch monsters, poses for Da Vinci, masquerades as a Bouguereau Princess and checks just how extremely late she is on a Dali clock. Wherever she goes, a little Wonderland goes with her and the Cheshire Cat is never far behind.

Aimed at ‘grownups’, but absolutely suitable for all ages, with detailed intricacies as well as broad patches and fun characters. Reference the colours in Jasmine’s original paintings or branch out and follow your own palette in Wonderland! Bring these faithfully created line works to life – and who knows where you might end up! For the curiouser and curiouser, Jasmine has provided a description of each of the original artworks.

A phantasma of imagination and possibility on 104 pages of premium quality 150gsm paper.

About the Author

Jasmine Becket-Griffith is a traditional acrylic painter, combining elements of realism with fantasy and the surreal. Her trademark liquid eyed maidens evoke a wide range of emotions and responses to the surrounding imagery. Jasmine lives in Florida with her husband Matt. She divides her time between her studios in Kansas and in London.


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Blue Angel Publishing
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55 b & w ills
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215 x 275
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Jasmine Becket-Griffith
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