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Black Violet Tarot (Rockpool Tarot)

Black Violet Tarot (Rockpool Tarot)

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With their dramatic Art Nouveau style, the 78 exquisite, highly stylised cards of the Black Violet Tarot are designed to spark inspiration for art and self-expression.

Use this tarot as a tool to reflect on what is and dream about what could be–whatever your creative endeavour.

With a women-led take on Rider-Waite-Smith, this deck will help you reflect on any aspect of life–joyful or painful, meaningful or mundane–in order to tap into your creativity and artistic voice.Throughout history, art and folklore, violets have represented life and fertility, death and remembrance–a striking contrast of joy versus grief, beginning versus end and future versus memory.

The Black Violet Tarot reflects this idea of bittersweet dualities–of shining a light in times of darkness.PRODUCT

ISBN-13: 978-1922786227
Imprint: Rockpool Publishing
Pub Date: 6 Jun. 2024
Product Type: Box set
Page Count: 120 pages
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