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Astral Tarot

Astral Tarot

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The power of the stars shines upon the new Astral Tarot, where traditional Tarot archetypes and astrological content combine to produce a unique reading experience.

The stars are aligned, and the time is right to welcome the coming of a new astrological deck. Federica Casagrande’s stunning art mixes with Malapuella’s knowledge of the astral realm to produce this one-of- a-kind Tarot, the perfect synthesis of visual beauty and divinatory content. The traditional meanings of the Arcana intertwine with astral, elemental, and zoological symbolism to produce a deep and engaging reading experience. The Premium format adopted for this product further enhances its beauty with a marvellous, fully decorated hardcover box with blueish hues, which makes this an ideal companion of decks and books on the shelves of true fans of Tarot and astrology.

ISBN-13: 978-8865279298
Imprint: Lo Scarabeo
Pub Date: 25 Oct. 2024
Product Type: Cards
Page Count: 78 pages
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