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A Gothic Witch's Oracle: 40 Card Deck & Guidebook

A Gothic Witch's Oracle: 40 Card Deck & Guidebook

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Invites readers to a safe, mystical, and empowering space of dark art and potent magickal wisdom.

In the spirit of his Empath’s Oracle deck, Raven Digitalis has created A Gothic Witch’s Oracle in collaboration with world-renowned photographic artist John Santerineross. This deck is the final piece of Raven’s “shadow trilogy,” the first two of which were the bestselling Goth Craft and A Witch’s Shadow Magick Compendium.
Shadow work is an integral part of advancing on the path of witchcraft. This deck is especially relevant to readers who are not afraid to dive deeper into the workings of the unconscious mind.
The art of divination is, by its very nature, an act of exploring the unseen. This deck takes the journey to the next level.
These forty cards and accompanying guidebook encourage readers to embrace their own creativity and intuition when performing divination.
By exploring dark and mysterious aspects of life, we can better come to know ourselves and discover our unique place in the world.
Themes explored within the cards include:
Dark art and self-expression
The magick of makeup and fashion
Music as a healing force
Exploring labels, the ego, and self-identity
Death magick and ancestral work
Shadow spells and ceremonies
Body modification as sacred ritual
Social boundaries and conditioning
Contemplating gender and sexuality
Working with depression and anxiety
Self-confidence and personal empowerment


Imprint :
Crossed Crow Books
Publication Date :
Isbn :
Additional Biblio Data :
40 cards & 60pp guidebook
Total Pages :
Dimensions :
109 x 178
Format :
Mixed media product
Author :
Raven Digitalis , John Santerineross
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