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78 Tarot Halloween with PDF Color Guidebook

78 Tarot Halloween with PDF Color Guidebook

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THIS LISTING COMES WITH A PDF, 256 PAGE, FULL-COLOR GUIDEBOOK - There was a misprint in our physical guidebook and they are being reprinted and we will have those in February.

About the Halloween Theme:

Bringing together over 80 legendary and masterful illustrators of the fantasy community, we worked together for the last 8 months to create our most epic project to date. A deck lovingly created to celebrate and honor everyone's favorite time of year - Halloween and Samhain. 78 Tarot Halloween is an 80 card deck carefully curated to bring to life Halloween and Samhain in the Victorian era.

Using traditional RWS imagery, and adding our own touch of magic, each card is carefully crafted to be rich in symbolism and story, that brings an in-depth reading to tarot readers of all skill levels. As all of our decks, we aim to bring diversity and inclusivity to the Tarot community with not only our art, but also our artists.

Each one of our extremely talented artists is listed on this page, and we encourage you to check out more of their work! We hire only the very best illustrators that create each card from scratch. No AI is allowed in our projects.

Deck Specs:

*LIMITED EDITION - Only one print run EVER!*

- Full Color Front & Back Cards (3.25 by 5.5 inches)
- Soft touch lamination on cards and boxes
- Gold Foil Card Names
- Cards and boxes will have black holo foil accents on the back of cards
- 22 Major Arcana Cards (Fully Illustrated)
- 56 Minor Arcana Cards (Fully Illustrated)
- 2 bonus wild cards.
- Matte Black edging
- A full color clam shell cardboard box with a magnetic closure and black holographic
foil accents on inside and outside of the box.
- A ribbon for easy removal of cards.
-Cards printed on 400gsm cardstock with soft touch lamination (rose petal, velvet)

The Guidebook:

The 256 page guidebook is full color with all card images, and contains a description and card meaning by our author, Trish Sullivan. It is soft cover and is 8 by 6 inches. The cover matches the box, complete with the black holo foil found on the back of cards and box. It includes a section to show the artistic process of some of our artists.



If you are not familiar with the 78 Tarot Project - we are a group of artists that collaboratively produce a LIMITED EDITION crowd funded deck every year by creating just one card apiece. We choose a theme every year, and choose artists to join our annual project.

The artists in our project range from legendary Tarot and Fantasy artists, to incredible artists just starting out in their careers. The wide variety of talent orchestrates a deck filled with energy and vibrancy that interprets the Tarot from their own experiences and view points. Our decks are chock full of international cultures and styles and they are a masterpiece to hold.

As a deck collector myself, I am a complete card stock snob and have searched high and wide for the printer we use, and I assure you - the quality of our decks are superb quality that will last a long time no matter how many times they are used.

78 Tarot Halloween Artists:

Major Arcana:

THE FOOL: Meredith Dillman | THE MAGICIAN: Chase Henson | THE HIGH PRIESTESS: Delphine Malidore | THE EMPRESS: Selina Fenech | THE EMPEROR: Adam Schmidt | THE HIEROPHANT: Daniel Govar | THE LOVERS: Heather Hudson | THE CHARIOT: Mike Zairos Pifanos | STRENGTH: Doruk Golcu | THE HERMIT: Matt Stawicki | THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Eric Lofgren | JUSTICE: Florian Stitz | THE HANGED ONE: William Francis O'Brien | DEATH: Bruno Balixa | TEMPERANCE: Amelia Leonards | THE DEVIL: Patrick McEvoy | THE TOWER: Kristina Gehrmann | THE STAR: Jabari Weathers | THE MOON: Iris Compiet | THE SUN: Ambi Sun | JUDGEMENT: Anja Uhren | THE WORLD: Kristen Pauline | WILD CARD: Chris Sedgwick | WILD CARD: Tammy Wampler


ACE OF PENTACLES: Melissa Gay | TWO OF PENTACLES: Lea Sheler | THREE OF PENTACLES: Braden Duncan | FOUR OF PENTACLES: Amelia Leonards | FIVE OF PENTACLES: Réka Kovács | SIX OF PENTACLES: Stephanie Smith | SEVEN OF PENTACLES: Lisa Svingos | EIGHT OF PENTACLES: Kristen Pauline | NINE OF PENTACLES: Meredith Dillman | TEN OF PENTACLES: Micaela Dawn | PAGE OF PENTACLES: Anita Inverarity | KNIGHT OF PENTACLES: Quintin Gleim | QUEEN OF PENTACLES: Gwenevere Singley | KING OF PENTACLES: Candra Hope


ACE OF SWORDS: Michael Calandra | TWO OF SWORDS: Patricia Ariel | THREE OF SWORDS: Saskia Huitema | FOUR OF SWORDS: Tony Moy | FIVE OF SWORDS: William Francis O'Brien | SIX OF SWORDS: Rachel Quinlan | SEVEN OF SWORDS: Eric Summers | EIGHT OF SWORDS: Damara Carpenter | NINE OF SWORDS: Patrick McEvoy | TEN OF SWORDS: Tyler Street | PAGE OF SWORDS: Michael Calandra | KNIGHT OF SWORDS: John Tedrick | QUEEN OF SWORDS: Alexander Gustafson | KING OF SWORDS: Doruk Golcu


ACE OF WANDS: Eric Summers | TWO OF WANDS: Sue Rundle-Hughes | THREE OF WANDS: Braden Duncan | FOUR OF WANDS: Elisabeth Alba | FIVE OF WANDS: Henry Schreiber SIX OF WANDS: Eden Alvernaz | SEVEN OF WANDS: Daniel Govar | EIGHT OF WANDS: Danny Schwartz | NINE OF WANDS: Annette Hassell | TEN OF WANDS: Eli Neugeboren | PAGE OF WANDS: Cynthia Conner | KNIGHT OF WANDS: Christine Griffin | QUEEN OF WANDS: Felicia Cano | KING OF WANDS: Chase Henson


ACE OF CUPS: Jennifer Hrabota Lesser | TWO OF CUPS: Peter Bradley | THREE OF CUPS: Bruno Balixa | FOUR OF CUPS: Amelia Leonards | FIVE OF CUPS: Ana Neves | SIX OF CUPS: Lauren Brown | SEVEN OF CUPS: Rachel Quinlan | EIGHT OF CUPS: Peter Bradley | NINE OF CUPS: Toni Taylor | TEN OF CUPS: Eden Alvernaz | PAGE OF CUPS: Holly Morningstar | KNIGHT OF CUPS: Chris Malidore | QUEEN OF CUPS: Marlon Teunissen | KING OF CUPS: Rebecca Sinz

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