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78 Tarot Halloween Mini Deck

78 Tarot Halloween Mini Deck

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Pocket Deck - 78 Tarot Halloween with PDF Color Guidebook - Tarot of Trick or Treat, Samhain Tarot, Monster Tarot, Indie Deck, 78Tarot

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This listing is for our pocket-sized travel deck. It does not come with a physical guidebook, you are welcome to purchase the 256 page full-colored guidebook separately in this store when it becomes available in February.

This is our pocket edition - measuring 2 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall with a borderless design. This edition does not have the foil and edging like the larger collectors edition, and it comes in just a regular tuck box with thinner paper.

About the Halloween Theme:

Bringing together over 80 legendary and masterful illustrators of the fantasy community, we worked together for the last 8 months to create our most epic project to date. A deck lovingly created to celebrate and honor everyone's favorite time of year - Halloween and Samhain. 78 Tarot Halloween is an 80 card deck carefully curated to bring to life Halloween and Samhain in the Victorian era.

Using traditional RWS imagery, and adding our own touch of magic, each card is carefully crafted to be rich in symbolism and story, that brings an in-depth reading to tarot readers of all skill levels. As all of our decks, we aim to bring diversity and inclusivity to the Tarot community with not only our art, but also our artists.

Each one of our extremely talented artists is listed on this page, and we encourage you to check out more of their work! We hire only the very best illustrators that create each card from scratch. No AI is allowed in our projects.

Deck Specs:

*LIMITED EDITION - Only one print run EVER!*

The Guidebook:

The 256 page PDF guidebook is full color with all card images, and contains a description and card meaning by our author, Trish Sullivan. It is soft cover and is 8 by 6 inches. The cover matches the box, complete with the black holo foil found on the back of cards and box. It includes a section to show the artistic process of some of our artists.

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