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Tarot Landscapes: Manual and Deck of 78 Cards

Tarot Landscapes: Manual and Deck of 78 Cards

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  • Follows the structure of the most globally recognised RiderWaite-Smith tarot deck
  • Offers evocative landscapes to complement the complex symbolism of each card
  • Includes a manual explaining the structure of the deck; positive and negative elements of each card, as well as, how to read tarot landscapes

Each tarot card is an invitation to explore a new world, and perspective. In this deck, the reader not only explores 78 RiderWaite-Smith tarot cards, but also the evocative landscapes they each inhabit. Dream and fantasy surround every Arcanum with more parallels to our everyday life than we can imagine. The RWS deck is complemented by a comprehensive manual providing guidance for tarot readers, old and new, as well as instructions for how to read the Tarot Landscapes.

ISBN-13: 978-8854420397
Imprint: White Star; VIVIDA
Pub Date: 14 Oct. 2023
Product Type: Boxed set
Page Count: 128 pages
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