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Incubus Tarot Cards

Incubus Tarot Cards

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A dark and esoteric aura surrounds the cards of Incubus Tarot, a must-have for Lovecraft buffs and fans of the horror genre.

Hiding down in the obscure depths of our consciousness is a Lovecraftian world that only reveals itself during sleep, when the mind has fallen into the hands of the subconscious. As all inhibitions falter, the dark lords of Incubus Tarot finally make their appearance, turning all certainties to dust. This nightmare-themed deck by Davide Furnò opens the gate to such a barren, black-and-purple realm, inhabited by surreal creatures that evoke and challenge us with our innermost fears. Thanks to the text of horror-specialist Charles Harrington, the booklet of this new Tarot deck will guide you out of the darkness to find a new and renewed light.


Imprint :
Lo Scarabeo
Publication Date :
Isbn :
Additional Biblio Data :
78 cards & booklet
Total Pages :
Dimensions :
65 x 118
Format :
Author :
Charles Harrington , Davide Furnò
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