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Oneness emporium

Christephania Kipper

Christephania Kipper

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The unusual collages of these 36 cards take us into dream-like sceneries. With this deck the artist and Kipper specialist Christephania has created a relaunch of the traditional Biedermeier cards. While the basic meanings of the classic cards have been retained, much has been modernized and the symbolism expanded so that the images allow us to dive into deep levels of our soul. The detailed and insightful texts in the 128-page booklet offer explanations and interpretation aids for each card.

ISBN-13: 978-1646711819
Imprint: U.S. Games
Pub Date: 4 Jan. 2024
Product Type: Cards
Page Count: 128 pages
Size: 6.99 x 2.54 x 11.99 cm
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